Corporate Social Responsibility

Dbus is dedicated to people and, as such, has taken on the commitment to improve the society, its culture and the environment we live in. Dbus offers its services to thousands of people every day, which is why its activity focuses on the following pillars :


Every year, Dbus takes part in and supports initiative with an aim to raising awareness of different social causes. This is the reason why Dbus buses occasionally carry banners and posters as a sign of support. Illustrated below are some of the social causes supported by Dbus.


The environment

The main contribution made by Dbus to the improvement of the environment is the widespread use of the Dbus bus network as it prevents the use of large quantities of fuel that would be consumed if these passengers used their own vehicles to get around.

Nonetheless, Dbus is aware that the company’s own activity implies the consumption of fuel which is why it strives constantly to improve both the fleet and the infrastructure.

Below is a list of some of the lines of action followed to minimise the impact on the environment.

  • Technology deployment in the fleet for lower fuel consumption and reduced emissions.
  • Constant renewal of the fleet, with the addition of increasingly cleaner and efficient vehicles, such as, for example, the hybrid bus and the electric bus.
  • Optimisation of energy consumption in the bus depots.
  • Responsible waste management.



The Dbus plan for the Basque language has been in operation since 2006. The plan outlines the commitments and actions agreed by Dbus to raise the level of use of Basque within the company and to ensure that the use of Basque is guaranteed in internal and external relations and, particularly, in relations with customers, and to make Basque one of the pillars of the Company’s service.

Proof of the efforts made in recent years is the Bikain de Plata certificate awarded in 2013 by the Euskalit Basque Foundation for Excellence, in recognition of the efforts made by the Company in its daily activities in recent years to promote the widespread use of Basque.




Training, motivation and equality of conditions are the basis of people management at Dbus .

The quality of Dbus service is not only based on technological innovation. It  also hinges on the training of its employees who, every day, provide service to the people of San Sebastian and the people visiting the city. This is why Dbus offers its personnel continuous training in driving, efficiency, safety, human relations and the Basque language, in order to guarantee professional and efficient service day after day.

There are currently 440 people, 39 of whom are women working at Dbus. At Dbus we consider it fundamental to foment equality of opportunities between women and men. The company has been awarded a number of prizes from associations working towards equality at work and the incorporation of women in positions where they are under-represented.