Get to know the company


Compañía del Tranvía de San Sebastián is the company managing public urban transport in the city of San Sebastian under the trade name Donostiabus or Dbus.

The Company is a corporation founded in 1886. On 18 July 1887 Compañía del Tranvía de San Sebastián provided the first collective transport service to the people of San Sebastian. Since 1981 the corporate capital belongs entirely to San Sebastian City Council and employs 440 workers.

The Company’ trams were pulled by horses when it first started operating, and today it has a fleet of 123 buses providing service on 29 routes during the day and 9 routes running nightly and connecting the different districts in the city.

In 2014 were done more than 6.213.434 kilometres all around San Sebastian and 28.077.725 trips were counted. All Dbus buses comply with strict quality and efficiency standards, proof of which is the hybrid bus which has been running in the city since 2011, or the recently purchased 100% electric bus.

Board of Directors and Management Board

Dbus’ main governing body is its Board of Directors, which as at 24 May 2018 was made up of:

  • Chairperson: Mr. Eneko Goia Laso (Mayor of San Sebastian).
  • Vice-chairperson: Ms. Pilar Arana Pérez (Mobility Councillor).
  • Board Members:

– Mr. Martín Ibabe Eceiza
– Mr. Ernesto Gasco Gonzalo
– Ms. Ane Oyarbide Ochoa
– Mr. Miguel Ángel Díez Bustos
– Mr. Ayem Oskoz Urrutikoetxea
– Mr. José María Murguiondo Casal
– Ms. Amaia Martín Garín
– Mr. Jesús Mª Mur Urretavizcaya
– Ms. Beatriz Sánchez Ordoñez.
– Mr. Javier Montes Muñoz

  • Secretary: Mr. Juan Carlos Etxezarreta Villaluenga
  • Vice-secretary: Ms. Eva Ugarte Orozco.

The Dbus management team is formed of:

  • Mr. Igor Gonzalez Aranburu, Managing Director.
  • Mr. Javier Vallejo Illarramendi, Planning and Services Manager.
  • Mr. Eduardo González López, Technical Manager.