Discover the city with DBUS

Discover the city’s most special spots with Dbus thanks to its quick and safe network of buses. Make the most of your stay and enjoy all that San Sebastian has to offer. 

How do I pay for my bus ticket if I am on a visit to the city?

In cash: You can simply pay for your ticket in cash on the actual bus.

By card: the best way to travel and save money at the same time is to buy a visitor’s travel card. There are a number of options to choose from.


Further information on travel cards

How do I get to the city’s special spots?

Dbus buses connect the different points of the city with the Centre, the shopping district, industrial areas and the city’s most important tourist spots.


How do I plan my trip by bus?

Dbus has an online planner to help you plan your trips from one place to another within the city. web-mobil

Access the planner

Now no matter where you are you can plan your trip from your phone using the new Dbus app.

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  • Download for Android


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How do I know if there are any modifications to the service?

Occasionally, due to works or festive events, modifications are made to Dbus services. This information is collected at the home of the website, in the Alerts and News sections.

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