Contactless bank cards


Dbus has launched a system that enables users to pay bus fares using contactless bank cards on all bus routes in San Sebastian. The system is available on both day and night services.

Types of cards accepted by Dbus

The contactless bank cards accepted are VISA, Mastercard and American Express issued by any bank, provided they have contactless technology, and include the following symbol:simbolo

You can also pay with Samsung Pay and Apple Pay, as well as bank mobile payment apps (Wallet) and telephone operators’ apps. See complete information

Where to validate contactless cards

You can validate your contactless card at the ticket machine by the driver. The machine is marked with the logos of VISA, Mastercard and American Express.


Fares paid with contactless cards and mobile apps cost €1.80 for the occasional day journey and the night (Búhos) fare is €2.10. Each bank card or mobile application allows paying as many trips as the user wants and without commissions.

Changing routes

You cannot change route free of charge with the contactless bank card.